Stop Drifting and Cultivate A Deliberate Family Culture

It’s easy to allow daily life to happen to us without giving thought to what we really want our life and family culture to be like.

You have a unique calling and a unique way to live for God that’s in total alignment with His Word. It’s a way of life that will bring joy to you, and bring life to your family… but we often drift and follow along passively with the crowd.

But there is a way to break free. You can make deliberate decisions about your pursuit of God, family life, career, and everything else…

Why You Should Never Have “The Talk” with Your Kids

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There are two topics that we make really weird for kids. Death is one. Sex is the other.

It’s weird because these are things that kids have been exposed to in one way or another, throughout all of human history. In some cultures, kids are still exposed to both on a regular basis. It’s only in very recent times that we’ve…

Two Words We Use with Our Kids that Show We’re Disciplining for the Wrong Reasons

Maybe this sounds familiar to you… your kids have been frustrating, to say the least. They’ve been fighting all day and they’ve been disrespectful. Generally speaking, they’re acting like well trained terrorists.

You’ve corrected them 100 times, you’re pushed to the limit, and two words crack inside of you like thunder and lightning and you yell…

The Only Resolution You Need to Change Your Family Culture

We’ve all made resolutions for ourselves before… Lose weight, make more money, read more books, start a hobby, get as buff as our favorite family blogger.

Resolutions are great, but some of you might be a little cynical about resolutions. “Why’s it gotta start in January? Shouldn’t you improve every day?” You’re right… but January represents a new beginning for a lot of us. Especially if the past year hasn’t gone your way. (Personally, I’m staying up on New Year’s Eve just to make sure…

An Uncomfortable View of the Christmas Baby

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You’re probably wondering, “What’s so uncomfortable about baby Jesus in the manger? He’s literally the most comforting thing I can think of.”

I agree. We imagine baby Jesus laying in the manger, Mary’s there, Joseph’s there, leaning on a shepherd’s staff… even though he wasn’t a shepherd. We see the little lamb that must have been there snuggling with baby Jesus…

Stand Between Your Wife and the World

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stand between your wife and the world

I was checking my Facebook the other day, and when I say “checking my Facebook” I mean I was scrolling like a mindless zombie looking for a hit of dopamine.

Anyway, I saw a picture…