Over the years John Michael has had the opportunity to preach to thousands of people. God has often used JM to call His people to live sincere, Christ focused lives, and to join Him in His mission of rescuing the world.

Since Christ is the centerpiece of Scripture and life itself, He is the centerpiece of JM’s preaching. Without the Gospel, JM has nothing worthwhile to say.

JM’s preaching is direct, and He is rarely misunderstood. He takes God seriously, but he’s got a good sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. JM honors the sacred responsibility of preaching while remaining a normal guy who’s following Jesus.

JM wrote this page in third person because it seemed weird when he wrote it in first person. He thinks this makes him seem more humble.

Anyway, here’s what some other folks had to say (in first person):

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John Michael has a unique way of breaking the Word of God down so you see how to apply it in your everyday life. One of his greatest strengths as a preacher is to communicate his message in a clear concise manner that the listener walks away challenged AND empowered. He’ll help you see how to apply God’s Word to your marriage, family, and life in general.

William Deagle President // William Deagle Ministries October 28, 2016

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John Michael is one of the most honest and genuine people that I know and that is reflected in his preaching. He preaches with conviction and his love for Christ and His people is evident. Being around John Michael inspires me to “live a life worthy of the calling” I have received. JM has the distinct ability to simplify complex ideas in such a way that is both informative and practical. Ministry is not about performing or entertaining for John Michael, but about leading by example and shepherding the souls of God’s people. His teaching is not just a transfer of information, but an opportunity to experience transformation together.

Brian Briggs Former Student Ministry Pastor // Lighthouse Worship Center October 28, 2016

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If I could sum up JM’s style in two words I would say “loving challenge.” He delivers the word with love, while challenging you to be obedient to it. I’ve seen him love and lead his wife and sons and I can say he really is a man of God. He understands the world around us, he embraces culture and remains relevant, but never compromises the Word of God. He accepts you as you are while remaining who God has built him to be.

Patrick Billups Pastor // Relevant Church October 28, 2016

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