The Only Resolution You Need to Change Your Family Culture

If you don’t feel like reading you can watch me sit on my couch and talk to you. (I’m running out of places to sit and I’m open to suggestions.) Just scroll to the bottom of the post and enjoy the video. The written content below is almost identical to what’s in the video, so you won’t miss a thing either way.

We’ve all made resolutions for ourselves before… Lose weight, make more money, read more books, get as buff as our favorite family blogger, start a hobby.

Resolutions are great, but some of you might be a little cynical about resolutions. “Why’s it gotta start in January? Shouldn’t you improve every day?” You’re right… but January represents a new beginning for a lot of us. Especially if the past year hasn’t gone your way. (Personally, I’m staying up on New Year’s Eve just to make sure 2016 really does die.)

Even if you’re a resolution junkie, I’m guessing you’ve never made a resolution for your family, but I’m hoping that’s about to change.

Family First

Now maybe you’re expecting me to say that prayer is the best resolution you can make. Maybe you’re expecting me to say it’s dinner together, devotional time, or to just be nicer to each other. But you’d be wrong.

I’m giving you the one resolution to rule them all.

This resolution is designed to meet every need that your family has so you don’t have to run around pruning off every bad piece of fruit that you see, because this resolution will keep you focused on the health of the root.

Regardless of your thoughts about resolutions, I’m about to make this really easy for you. You don’t need 10 resolutions. You just need ONE that works, and this one works overtime.

I started this years ago and it’s the one thing that has made the biggest difference in my family culture. So what’s this silver bullet?

Weekly family meetings are the only resolution you need to change your family culture.

If you’re thinking that sounds cheesy, you’re thinking what I thought when I first came across the idea. I was wrong, though.

Digging Deep

Let’s go back to our tree analogy.

Imagine your family represented as a tree that has branches for everything. For example, there’s the branch of Behavior.

We’ve all had times when we noticed some behavior in ourselves or our family that violated our standards. From there, we went directly after the piece of bad fruit that came out of the behavior branch. We cut it off, but it would grow back and we’d have to do it again, and again and again.

Jesus taught us that a good tree gives good fruit and a bad tree gives bad fruit. Or, in our case, healthy families have healthy fruit and unhealthy families have unhealthy fruit.

The reason there’s bad fruit is because there’s an issue deeper down. It’s like the difference between spending all our time on Facebook making our life look amazing vs. actually working hard at making our life everything it can be.

Family meetings are where you focus on the roots.

There are too many branches, and too much fruit for you to keep up with in the bustle of daily life. Family meetings are where things slow down and your family gets healthier together.

Instead of running after every piece of bad behavior fruit throughout the week, you’ll think, “We’re gonna talk about how we resolve conflict in our next family meeting.” Instead of trying to prune everything and everyone, you’ll realize that you’ve got an awesome opportunity to cultivate the soil of your family’s soul.

Don’t think that family meetings are just for solving problems, though.

Family meetings are where you have built-in, pre-planned, quality time that’s whatever your family needs. Sometimes you’ll need to focus on having fun. Other times you’ll need to talk about the upcoming schedule and changes for the start of the school year.

Family meetings give you an ongoing plan to keep the pulse of your family and to do what’s best for them… one week, and one family meeting at a time.

Blazing the Trail

Years ago, when I began weekly family meetings, I realized during our very first meeting that I had found something that I didn’t know was missing. The benefit to my family was obvious immediately.

We felt like a family. It just seemed like we were teaming up. The world stopped moving so fast. Realizing that what mattered most to us could fit on one blanket in the living room floor was powerful. We all had a new perspective.

My family has been the guinea pig for yours. I’ve tested different kinds of family meetings for years. I know what works, and I want to share it with you.

That’s why I created the “Change Your Family Culture Primer.”

It’s a 4-page PDF that will teach you more about the WHY behind family meetings, and also give you the detailed HOW-to of family meetings. It’s yours for free when you subscribe in any of the subscription boxes on this site.

I know how powerful family meetings are. They are the most important thing I’ve ever done with my family. When you get started, you’ll immediately see why.

Commit to weekly family meetings in the coming year, and enjoy the good fruit of a healthy family culture.

Most people won’t improve their family culture in the New Year. Don’t be most people.

Subscribe now, and you can have your first family meeting tonight.

How do you think weekly family meetings will change your family culture? What are your hopes?